Our Story

In our 150+ year old family orchard, located in the village of Rajkovic, we grow rare and delicious certified organic summer apples and plums in a modern sustainable method, respecting both the nature and traditions of our ancestors. In 2013, two sisters and two brothers-in-law revitalized the orchards with new plantings of plum and apple orchards as well as that of a smaller experimental variety of different organic fruit orchards. We branded the products obtained from the processing of our harvest-derived fruits ZETS Orchard as a result of the selfless efforts of the sons-in-law. 

In addition to growing fruit, the estate has an enviable amount of forest that is regularly rejuvenated to maintain the natural balance. Irrigation is conducted through irrigation systems whereby the reservoir is filled from our natural well. Our plan also includes the formation of an accumulation lake, which will promote self-sustainable fruit cultivation and therefore the survival of plant and animal species integral to organic fruit production. 

Several thematic gatherings are planned for next year, such as team spirit building during harvest including education about organic fruit cultivation; photo safari during orchard flowering combined with education seminars on natural agro fruit protection; and hiking tours throughout the picturesque Tuscany-like area with an emphasis on showcasing the touristic offerings of Valjevo region. Our goal is to inform visitors and customers about the importance of environmental preservation, organic farming, and a healthy sustainable diet, whereby sugar usage is minimized and the fruit's natural taste is preserved to the fullest extent. Sweets can be simultaneously tasty and healthy, and thereby consumed without a guilty conscience. Since 70% of the world's working group are millennials, by teaching them these valuable practices, future generations will be on a healthier and ecologically sustainable path.

Since 2021, we have been producing and selling delicious unique apple and plum products derived from our orchard harvests. All of our fruit production is certified organic. Unlike many fruit processors, our fruit travels only 100 meters from the orchard to the processing rooms. We also produce a limited series of delicacies from sampled fruits and from indigenous fruit trees aged 40+ years. All ZETS products are 100% organic & gluten-free, without additives, preservatives, and the majority without added sugar. For certain fruit products where a maximum of 5% sugar is added, we use organic Demerara sugar.

ZETS Orchard's current product catalog includes unique products, such as:

  • Aromatic vegan apple butter, which goes well with hard cheeses, elegant teapot and butter doughnuts, pancakes or simply a breakfast sandwich with coffee.
  • Apple BBQ sauce, perfect for marinades and as a sauce (mild and hot options available) for grilled vegetables, fish and meat.
  • Ready-made apple filling for American, French, and layered pies; filo pastry and various cakes gelatinized with apple juice; or any other pastry and only 10 minutes of prep time.
  • Ready-made plum filling for American, French, German, and layered pies; cheesecake gelatinized with drained plum juice; or any other pastry and only 10 minutes of prep time.
  • A sweet delicacy made of chopped plums, which is not a jam, nor a spread, but a a sweet memory from childhood with a modern twist.
  • Mother's cold-pressed apple juice - "A cup of apple juice per day keeps the doctor away".
  • A delicious ethereal purée made from meaty apples, which makes a great addition to morning oatmeal or vegan cakes.
  • Apple cider vinegar from wild apples of our natural pollinators, and much more…

An exclusive ZETS series of sampled fruit delicacies, includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Plum, wine and chocolate cream without added sugars, for those with refined tastes. This fruit chocolate cream makes a great addition to custards, vegan cakes, chestnut purées, and as a topping for puddings.
  • Sirop de Rajkovic, a tribute to our estate that provides us with this wealth of delicious fruits. Sugar-free pear and apple filling with candied ginger - nothing like the Belgian Syrup de Liège.
  • Mirabella, a spread of cherry plums with almonds and brandy. An autochthonous Serbian sour spread for both sweet and savory tastes, inspired by the French. It pais well with steak and various red meat fillets.
  • Mediterranean sweet & sour chutney made from figs, which pairs well with cheeses, prosciutto and wine - a perfect meze.

With our products, you will see for yourself just how exciting the gastronomic journey can be - from grandma's kitchen to elite restaurants. How? Just try one of our decadent products and you will find out quickly.

Incredibly healthy and tasty products, with no compromise on quality, thanks to the passion and experience of our amazing cooks!